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Education Specialist: Mild-Moderate Teaching Credential

Our California Teacher Credential program can be described as Rich, Rigorous, and Rewarding. The rich learning environment offers deep and meaningful learning experiences. Our rigorous courses are designed to provide you with best practices and experience with the most current trends in education today. Our rewarding program prepares you to fulfill your calling.

38 total units
12-18 months completion time
$685 cost per unit
Evening Classes

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Blended Instruction

Blended courses feature both face-to-face and online learning.

Our Block I blended schedule allows students to come to campus two evenings a week for face-to-face classes (three evenings a week for summer session I). Block I classes are paired and alternate between face-to-face and synchronous, online content each week.

Online Instruction

This delivery system was designed to meet the needs of students who prefer the flexibility provided by an online program.

  • Ability to interact with content, your instructor, and with other students.
  • No required face-to-face sessions within the course.
  • No requirements for on-campus activity.
  • Both synchronous and asynchronous lessons. Credential courses provide synchronous sessions every other week, and non-credential courses are asynchronous throughout the program.
  • Both formal and informal learning communities.

California Preliminary Credential/Education Specialist: Mild-Moderate

Concordia’s Special Education Program prepares candidates to teach students with special needs. This program leads to a California Education Specialist: Mild-Moderate Preliminary Credential. This credential authorizes candidates to teach students with learning disabilities, mild-to-moderate intellectual disabilities, attention deficit and attention deficit hyperactivity disorders, autism, and emotional disturbances. Candidates entering this program with a baccalaureate degree may combine the credential courses with advanced work to complete a Masters of Education degree.

Required: 38 semester hours for Education Specialist: Mild-Moderate Credential

Education Specialist Coursework

Undergraduate students will need to declare the Dual Credential option by the middle of Block I classes: October 15, March 15 or June 15.

Semester 1 (15 units)

  • EDUC 200 The Teacher and Technology 1 unit
  • EDSP 204 Introduction to Teaching Diverse Populations (20 hours field experience) - 2 units
  • EDSP 301 Typical and Atypical Development of Diverse Learners - 3 units
  • EDSP 501 Planning and Assessment for Inclusive Classrooms - 3 units
  • EDSP 502 Creating Positive and Inclusive Learning Environments - 3 units
  • EDSP 551 Language and Culture - 3 units

Semester 2 (11 units)

Successful completion of Block I courses is a prerequisite for the courses below.

  • EDSP 525 Advanced Curriculum Methods – 3 units
  • EDSP 526 Assessment, Case Management, & Collaboration – 3 units
  • EDSP 560 Literacy Development in Diverse Classrooms – 4 units
  • EDSP 580 TPA Practicum: Field Experience – 1 unit

40 hours of field experience are connected with Semester 2 EDSP Courses

Semester 3 (12 units): Student Teaching Semester

  • EDSP 584 Student Teaching II: Special Populations – 12 units
    Student teaching for the education specialist is full-time for an entire semester. In all field experiences, including student teaching, candidates gain a variety of experiences in planning and delivering instruction and services in the broad range of service delivery options under the umbrella of the Education Specialist: Mild-Moderate credential. Candidates collaborate with parents and special education personnel and gain experience with the full range of disabilities set forth in the Mild-Moderate categories.


Dual Credential Program

Multiple Subject Credential + Education Specialist Mild/Moderate Credential

For those candidates interested in earning an Education Specialist Credential and a Multiple Subject or Single Subject Credential concurrently, Concordia offers a Dual Credential program. Candidates will complete one additional semester of coursework and fieldwork leading to two separate credentials: EDSP + Multiple Subject or EDSP + Single Subject. To work toward a dual credential, you will complete a carefully designed sequence of coursework for both programs, followed by one semester of student teaching. Half of your student teaching will be in a general education setting and half will be in a special education setting.

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To learn more or to apply to Concordia's Education Specialist: Mild to Moderate Teaching Credential Program, please contact our Admissions Counselor, Taylor Touchstone.

Taylor Touchstone

Taylor Touchstone
Graduate Admissions Counselor
[email protected]

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